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May-June 2011
Volume 34 | Issue 3
Formerly Chang Gung Medical Journal
Page Nos. 229-305

Direct Activation of Bmi1 by Twist1: Implications in Cancer Stemness, Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition, and Clinical Significance p. 229
Kou-Juey Wu

Arthroscopy- Assisted Surgery for Tibial Plateau Fractures p. 239
Yi-Sheng Chan

Disrupted Hepatic Adiponectin Signaling Impairs Liver Regeneration of Steatotic Rats p. 248
Chun-Yi Tsai, Yann-Sheng Lin, Ta-Sen Yeh, Chon-Folk Cheong, Chin-Hui Chang, Tse-Ching Chen, Miin-Fu Chen

Tissue Expression of the Hepatitis C Virus NS3 Protein Does Not Correlate with Histological or Clinical Features in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C p. 260
Wei-Hsuan Liao, Shui-Yi Tung, Cheng-Han Shen, Kam-Fai Lee, Cheng-Shyong Wu

The Diagnostic Value of Computed Tomographic Coronary Angiography in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction versus Stable Angina Pectoris: A Preliminary Report p. 268
Shih-Jen Chen, Li-Tang Kuo, Chao-Hung Wang, Wen-Jin Cherng, Ning-I Yang, Chi-Wen Cheng

The Levels of Stress and Depression among Interns and Clerks in Three Medical Centers in Taiwan – A Cross-sectional Study p. 278
Yi-Hsuan Hsieh, Chiao-Ying Hsu, Chia-Yih Liu, Tsan-Lung Huang

Comparison between 0.08% Ropivacaine and 0.06% Levobupivacaine for Epidural Analgesia during Nulliparous Labor: A Retrospective Study in A Single Center p. 286
Hui-Ling Lee, Liang-Ming Lo, Chung-Chuan Chou, Eng-Chye Chuah

An Anatomical Study of the Inferior Oblique Muscle with Emphasis on Its Nerve Entry p. 293
Vishal Kumar, BV Murlimanju, P Devika, Narga Nair, Shakuntala R Pai, Thejodhar Pulakunta, NS Naveen

Clinical Results of All-inside Meniscal Repair Using the FasT-Fix Meniscal Repair System p. 298
Chih-Wei Chiang, Chung-Hsun Chang, Chun-Ying Cheng, Alvin Chao-Yu Chen, Yi-Sheng Chan, Kuo-Yao Hsu, Wen-Jer Chen