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March-April 2015
Volume 38 | Issue 2
Page Nos. 97-176

The surprising activities of APOBEC3B and 5-fluorouracil p. 97
Emma L Walton
DOI:10.4103/2319-4170.154913  PMID:25872558
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Introduction to miniseries on DNA and cancer p. 101
Jean Kanellopoulos, David M Ojcius
DOI:10.4103/2319-4170.154914  PMID:25872559
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APOBEC3B: Pathological consequences of an innate immune DNA mutator p. 102
Michael B Burns, Brandon Leonard, Reuben S Harris
DOI:10.4103/2319-4170.148904  PMID:25566802
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Enhancing the anticancer effects of 5-fluorouracil: Current challenges and future perspectives p. 111
François Ghiringhelli, Lionel Apetoh
DOI:10.4103/2319-4170.130923  PMID:25163503
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Genomic instability in chronic airway inflammatory diseases p. 117
Zhengqiang Bao, Juan Xiong, Wen Li, Zhihua Chen, Huahao Shen, Songmin Ying
DOI:10.4103/2319-4170.143478  PMID:25355386
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Gentamicin nephrotoxicity: Animal experimental correlate with human pharmacovigilance outcome p. 125
Olufunsho Awodele, Oyindamola P Tomoye, Neils B Quashie, Kennedy I Amagon, Sunday A Ogunnowo
DOI:10.4103/2319-4170.131387  PMID:25179694
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A simple score to predict fetal outcomes in gestational diabetes mellitus p. 131
Kushal Naha, Sowjanya Naha, Vinay R Pandit, Shubha Seshadri
DOI:10.4103/2319-4170.131399  PMID:25179697
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Necrotizing fasciitis and sepsis caused by Vibrio vulnificus and Klebsiella pneumoniae in diabetic patients p. 136
Jiun-Cheng Hsu, Shih-Hsun Shen, Tien-Yu Yang, Po-Han Chen, Kuo-Chin Huang, Yao-Hung Tsai
DOI:10.4103/2319-4170.137767  PMID:25179718
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Femoral non-elongating rodding in osteogenesis imperfecta - The importance of purchasing epiphyseal plate p. 143
Wei-Chun Li, Hsuan-Kai Kao, Wen-E Yang, Chee-Jen Chang, Chia-Hsieh Chang
DOI:10.4103/2319-4170.137764  PMID:25179717
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Pericoronal radiolucencies with significant pathology: Clinico-histopathologic evaluation p. 148
Sanjeev Anand, Bina Kashyap, Govind Raj Kumar, Basavaradhya Sahukar Shruthi, Alapati Naga Supriya
DOI:10.4103/2319-4170.133779  PMID:25179716
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An alternative respiratory sounds classification system utilizing artificial neural networks p. 153
Rami J Oweis, Enas W Abdulhay, Amer Khayal, Areen Awad
DOI:10.4103/2319-4170.137773  PMID:25179722
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Cobalamin and folate deficiencies among children in the age group of 12-59 months in India p. 162
Umesh Kapil, GS Toteja, Ajeet Singh Bhadoria
DOI:10.4103/2319-4170.137768  PMID:25179719
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Perception of premenstrual syndrome and attitude of evaluations of work performance among incoming university female students p. 167
Shu Hui Cheng, Zih-Jie Sun, I Hui Lee, Chi-Chen Shih, Kao Chin Chen, Shih-Hsien Lin, Feng-Hwa Lu, Yi-Ching Yang, Yen Kuang Yang
DOI:10.4103/2319-4170.138319  PMID:25179727
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The role of surgery in renal cell carcinoma with pancreatic metastasis p. 173
Ying-Hsu Chang, Chuang-Chi Liaw, Cheng-Keng Chuang
DOI:10.4103/2319-4170.137771  PMID:25179721
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