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September-October 2011
Volume 34 | Issue 5
Page Nos. 449-549

Dietary polyphenols as antioxidants and anticancer agents: More questions than answers p. 449
Miao-Lin Hu

Fluoroquinolone-associated Tendinopathy p. 461
Wen-Chung Tsai, Yun-Ming Yang

EMR2 receptor ligation modulates cytokine secretion profiles and cell survival of lipopolysaccharide-treated neutrophils p. 468
Tzu-Ying Chen, Tsong-Long Hwang, Chun-Yen Lin, Tsung-Nan Lin, Hsin-Yi Lai, Wen-Pin Tsai, Hsi-Hsien Lin

Biochemotherapy with carmustine, cisplatin, dacarbazine, tamoxifen and low-dose interleukin-2 for patients with metastatic malignant melanoma p. 478
Po-Jung Su, Jen-Shi Chen, Chuang-Chi Liaw, Hsien-Kun Chang, Hung-Ming Wang, Tsia-Sheng Yang, Yung-Chang Lin, Chi-Ting Liau, Hsin-Yi Yang, Kun-Yun Yeh, Ming-Mo Ho, Nai-Jun Chang, Cheng-Hsu Wang, John Wen-Chen Chang

Serum HCV RNA level is not associated with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome in chronic Hepatitis C patients with genotype 1 or 2 infection p. 487
Hao-Chun Huang, Chia-Sheng Chuang, Yung-Yu Hsieh, Te-Sheng Chang, Kuo-Liang Wei, Chien-Heng Shen, Cheng-Shyong Wu, Shui-Yi Tung

Does adequate bladder cuff excision impact outcomes in patients undergoing nephroureterectomy for upper tract urothelial carcinoma p. 496
Chen-Pang Hou, Phei-Lang Chang, Chien-Lun Chen, Yu-Hsiang Lin, Ke-Hung Tsui

Is a biopsy necessary for colon polyps suitable for polypectomy when performing a colonoscopy? p. 506
Chih-Hung Chen, Keng-Liang Wu, Ming-Luen Hu, Yi-Chun Chiu, Wei-Chen Tai, Shue-Shian Chiou, Seng-Kee Chuah

Complications of hip fractures in children p. 512
Feng-Chih Kuo, Shu-Jui Kuo, Jih-Yang Ko, To Wong

Predictors of outcome after open repair of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms p. 520
Hao-Jui Li, Tsung-Chi Kao, Dah-Wel Liu, Sheng-Yueh Yu, Po-Jen Ko, Hung-Chang Hsieh

The impact of personality on depression among university students in Taiwan p. 528
Shu-Man Chang, Daniel W Law, Her-Kun Chang

Amisulpride and neuroleptic malignant syndrome p. 536
Ming-Che Tu, Cheng-Cheng Hsiao

Ruptured aneurysm of the accessory middle cerebral artery associated with moyamoya disease – A Case Report p. 541
Cheng-Chi Lee, Zhuo-Hao Liu, Shih-Ming Jung, Tao-Chieh Yang

Innervation of the inferior oblique muscle: Anatomical facts p. 548
Fairus Ahmad, Srijit Das