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March-April 2011
Volume 34 | Issue 2
Formerly Chang Gung Medical Journal
Page Nos. 127-223

The Novel Roles of Four and A Half LIM Proteins 1 and 2 in the Cardiovascular System p. 127
Pao-Hsien Chu, Ju Chen

Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Metabolic Deficits, and Increased Oxidative Stress in Huntington's Disease p. 135
Chiung-Mei Chen

Academic Achievements of Doctors Who Studied at A Domestic Institute for Clinical Medicine p. 153
Chang-Chun Hsiao, Ming-Huei Chou, Jiin-Haur Chuang

The Natural Vibration Characteristics of Human Ossicles p. 160
Ching-Feng Chou, Jen-Fang Yu, Chin-Kuo Chen

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the In-vivo Human Tympanic Membrane p. 166
Tung-Yu Lin, Jen-Fang Yu, Chin-Kuo Chen

Efficacy of Intramuscular Nalbuphine versus Diphenhydramine for the Prevention of Epidural Morphine-induced Pruritus after Cesarean Delivery p. 172
Chia-Chih Liao, Chieh-Szu Chang, Chi-Hao Tseng, Michael J Sheen, Shih-Chang Tsai, Yao-Lung Chang, Shu-Yam Wong

Early Endoscopic Primary Realignment Decreases Stricture Formation and Reduces Medical Costs in Traumatic Complete Posterior Urethral Disruption in A 2-Year Follow-up p. 179
Po-Chih Chang, Yu-Chao Hsu, Jia-Jen Shee, Shih-Tsung Huang, Hsin-Chieh Huang, Yu Chen, Ming-Li Hsieh

Quality of Life in Patients with Psoriasis in Northern Taiwan p. 186
Tung-Yi Lin, Lai-Chu See, Yu-Ming Shen, Chung-Yu Liang, Hsin-Ning Chang, Yin-Ku Lin

Prevalence and Association of Suicide Ideation among Taiwanese Elderly – A Population-based Cross-sectional Study p. 197
Hsiang-Lin Chan, Chia-Yih Liu, Yeuk-Lun Chau, Chia-Ming Chang

Intravenous Ondansetron as Antiemetic Prophylaxis for Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting after Shoulder Arthroscopy p. 205
Yi-Fan Chen, Wen-Lin Yeh, Ko-Hong Lee, Ming-Chieh Li, Tsung-Hsien Yang, Hsin-Chia Huang, Tsung-Bin Huang, Hsin-Yi Ho

Peripheral Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor of the Chest Wall in Childhood: Clinico-Pathological Significance, Management and Literature Review p. 213
Mitul Parikh, Ram Samujh, Ravi P Kanojia, Anand Kumar Mishra, Kushaljit Singh Sodhi, Amanjit Bal

Usefulness of the WuScope to Facilitate Double-lumen Endotracheal Tube Placement in A Patient with Ankylosing Spondylitis p. 218
Han-Dung Yu, Angie CY Ho, Yi-Cheng Wu, Ta-Sen Lin